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 The best cure for boredom is adventure.  And, the best adventures are  the ones that are exciting, dangerous and still allow you to arrive back home safely.  With that in mind, most of us canít take off and go sky diving or mountaineering at the drop of a hat, but we can pick up a book (or eReader).  My stories take you on a wild ride and deposit you back into your life safely.  There is no guarantee that you will not be shaken, having nightmares or have problems going outside after reading  them.  It just means there will not be any missing body parts, open wounds or trips to the emergency room involved.

 The characters will allow you vicarious participation in activities that you never would think of actually doing yourself.  You might make a list of victims, lovers or victims of love as you read though.  Later, you will smile as you think about what you would do to the ones that made your list.  Just remember that actually carrying out those plans could  leave you addicted, married, divorced or in jail.  Leave the action to  the characters and they will leave the dreaming to you.

 When you read an adventure, you live an adventure so please check out my  works and choose one, or all, to take a ride with just remember to hold  on. 

 Pair up with Lucena Burning to take the trash out of your life, Ed Davies did and he managed to survive, will you? 



 Lucena builds up some anger and then lets it loose on the ones that created it in the first place.  Falling in love sometimes allows others  to control you and when she was done with a man controlling and abusing  her, she takes revenge as far as it can go and then pushes it a little further.  She is definitely not the woman to cross.  Lucena‚Ä™s Fire is a six episode series.  Try to keep up, she changes her identity often and moves fast.



 Matt and Misha are not looking for anything, they just want to recover  from injuries and live in Marathon, Florida.  Substance abuse issues create havoc in their life and propel them southward on their journey.   Death haunts their every move as does love and healing.  Marathon Moon is a tale of how easy it is to fall into the perils of pain and, for  some, the joys of making it through it.



 Mick is worried about his missing girlfriend, Pam, and creates a situation that gets Phil, a TV celebrity who specializes in finding missing persons, involved.  Phil is skeptical as to whether Mick is on the up and up but ends up far more involved than he would have ever  thought.  The burning question on everybody's mind is whether Pam is buried under the Coontie bush.  Take a trip to Key West and out to sea with Coontie.



 Theoretically, every single thing in the universe vibrates.  So, it makes sense to Ed that when Irene fell into his arms on the DC Metro, he  heard her song.  In his world, the combination of elements that make up  a person creates music and he takes it further by assigning a familiar  song to it.  This is a romantic adventure that takes you from the Washington, DC area to Virginia Beach and on to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  SONG OF HER SOUL is an ADULT ORIENTED NOVEL.


I grew up in a small West Virginia town.  When I was 14 years old, I was a volunteer at the local Catholic  hospital.  By 16, I was a nursing assistant on the medical/surgical ward and working full time while in high school.  I still managed to graduate a year early.

I joined the Army, received more medical  training, then was assigned to an acute care clinic in Mannheim  Germany.  From there, I completed EMT training through City Colleges of Chicago and the non-clinical portion of the Armyís practical nurse  program.  I was the medical tech for a military prison and the medic for an infantry company before being transferred back to the US.

My first US assignment was at Fort Hamilton, located in Brooklyn NY.  From there, I was assigned to William  Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, TX where I spent three years as an emergency room tech.

I left the Army after that and began a new life as an accountant, of sorts.   Working my way to Florida via  several years in Louisville, KY, I embarked on self-employment and then back into corporate management.  As the Director of Operations for a large heavy equipment dealer, I set up and operated a second office in  Gulfport, Mississippi just a few days after Hurricane Katrina.

The housing market collapse meant that I was unemployed and eventually forced into economic exile from Florida to work a day job until my books take off and I can return to the Sunshine State.

I hope that you enjoy my stories and  tell your friends about me.

Thanks for stopping by, donít be a stranger now that Iíve introduced myself.

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